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India – Australia Leaders’ Virtual Summit

The first I have my hand on andaround India ‘s side of Australia inCOVID-19 from affecting the peopleand families of every heartfeltcondolences expressed to me. Theglobal epidemic of the world in allkinds of arrangements to influencethe is. And this digital format of oursummit Similar kinds of effects of aninstance is.

Excellency, you are the digital mediumto meet me happy if the same , but a little frustrating too is , because we are in India for your warmth andwelcome to the occasion not getPiakphle January in and then lastmonth we have your India visit of thewait to are used ,But unfortunatelyboth the time travel postponed toPdikhmari today to meet your Indiavisit the place does not take can. Afriend of Being , I ‘ll ask is that thesituation will improve in the latteryou should take his family to Indiatravel plans to and our hospitalityadmit to.

Excellency, India Australiarelationship extended to the well with deep also are. And this depth it isour shared values, shared interests, shared geography and shared objectivesSekpicle few years in our cooperationand coordination in the best speed Ihave. It fortunately the matter is thatour relationship to the reins of An endto such a strong and visionary leader tohand in ! My view is that India andAustralia ‘s relationship to andempowered to the for the perfect time to do , perfect opportunity is.

Your friendship to and strengthenessential to for us to limitlesspossibilities These prospects own withchallenges also bring you. Challengesthat how well the potential to reality intranslate to things so both countriesthe citizens , businesses, academics, researchers, etc. of the links andstrengthen him. How we regard theirarea of order and the world of to afactor of stability to be , how we get theglobal good and to work in , in allaspects to consider the need is.