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Sudha Murthy Pledges Rs 100 Crore To Fight COVID-19 Through Infosys Foundation

Palak Chawla

The pandemic has taken a tight grasp and refusing to give up worldwide. The number of deceased people are rising everyday with death toll comparatively at a lower speed. A huge amount of money is required to treat the people or even to test the cases , whereas economy has taken a steep downfall. However, people are coming together to help communities be safe from the novel coronavirus and helping the infected get proper medical treatment and even feed the poor in these troubled time. One of the firsts to assist was Sudha Murthy’s Infosys Foundation and now they’ve taken this to an unheard of level.

Infosys Foundation – the CSR arm of the tech mammoth Infosys has declared that it is vowing Rs 100 crore to help endevours for battling against COVID-19 in India. Out of the 100 crores, they’ve just contributed half of it to the PM Cares Fund.   The remaining sum will be used to expand hospital capacity for treatment of COVID-19 as well as hospital stays for patients across India — especially ones that are belonging to weaker sections of the society. They’re providing ventilators, testing kits and personal protective equipment like face shields, protective suits etc to healthcare workers who’re directly dealing with COVID-19 patients. The Foundation is also supporting various NGOs that provide food and hygiene kits to thousands of people in need.

Head of the foundation, Sudha Murthy said in a statement, “These are unprecedented times that require every section of the society to rise up to the challenge. Infosys Foundation has always supported the needs of the country in difficult situations and we will continue to work with governments, non-profits, and healthcare institutions in their fight against this global pandemic.”

She further added, “All our efforts will be targeted towards ensuring that the relief material reaches the people who need it the most, whether it is a patient who cannot afford treatment, our healthcare personnel, or daily-wage workers whose livelihood has been severely impacted.”

People need to realise that even their small contributions will make a huge change to the society. Efforts are even taken to feed the domestic animals by various organisations. Sudha Murthy the famous author has inspired many public figures to do the same and inspire the commoners as well. Lets fight the battle together and win over covid 19 with safety and harmony.