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Celebrity Singer Actor and Fashion Designer, CHRISTINE STORM Launches Her Summer, Resort Collection TRANSFORM

Rakhi Narang

Scorching summers are at its peak, and it’s the time to challenge your inner divas and become the best version of yourself. The best way to spend this summer is to look like an ethereal sea beauty and is a great way to add vibrancy to your boring summer wardrobe.

“Living Jewels that are tenacious and courageous that never give up as they appear to effortlessly flow through life!” is the statement and symbolism behind the portrait of a beautiful Indian model wearing the collection embellished with a butterfly, created by US based Fashion Designer, Christine Storm.

“TRANSFORM is a luxury resort and travel wear line that embraces a woman’s beauty and courage. It is my way of applauding women all around the world for overcoming obstacles and showing strength through femininity. Vibrant flowing colors and dramatic silhouettes will inspire a woman to transform into her true self.” Said Christine Storm