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Delhi teachers are playing their role with full devotion in the Corona war


Principal, Teachers and other education department employees in government schools offer their full devotion to the Hunger Ration Distribution Centers, Quarantine Centers run by the Delhi government in the fight against the corona virus war. These teachers are playing a big role like the Corona warrior in helping the government reach the needy during lockdown. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has thanked all the teachers who are serving in the lock-down, saying that due to education department officials, principals and teachers, the Delhi government has been able to get millions of people food during the lockdown. Arrangements have been made for the living of the poor. Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has said that this is not the work of the people of the education department but still he is working 14-14 hours with full hard work.

Education Department employees and teachers feel proud to provide services. But we should not forget at that time how many obstacles are coming in their daily lives of teachers. Everyone knows that the 45-year-old teacher, who teaches at the Civil Lines School in North MCD, died from Corona and also many more. After this there was a big stir. According to the data, there are many teachers who have been found to be corona positive and they were also helpful in ration distribution scheme. Such everyday reports are causing mental trouble in teachers.

Everyday when teachers go to school to distribute food, they have this fear that the food that we will give to them is not corona positive or else they will not bring this deadly disease to their home, family and this fear will be giving to them mentally damaging. They cannot refuse his duty, otherwise they will be fired. According to sources, it has been learned by talking to the teachers that the teachers who had gone outside their village or station at the beginning of the lockdown are supposed to be suffer from taking strict action against them, even threatening to suspend them.

Teacher Corona is playing his role well in the war. Along with the doctor and the cleaning staff, we should also pay attention to his role, they also deserves praise. A teacher who is going to school and distributing ration daily, after that they are also taking online classes and maintaining their home and family well. Imagine the burden of work that they are doing with a smile. Maybe they are mentally disturbed but cannot do anything to get rid out of this because if they refuses any work, they will lose their job.

Teachers play an important role in shaping the foundations of the future. They makes a child worthy so that in future he/she can do something for his country and make his name, his family and his country name bright. Therefore, in the global epidemic like Corona, teachers are spreading education to students through online classes as well as contributing to Quarantine centers etc to help the government. Therefore, it is also the responsibility of the government to take care of their safety as well. Necessary safety equipment such as masks, sanitizers etc. should be provided to them. And as far as possible people should be allowed to take food inside after proper screening of the people who have come to take food so that the teachers can also be confident and do their work well. Some teachers suggested that more than 50-year-old teachers should not be duty-bound in the quarantine center or ration distribution service as they are more likely to spread the infection. Only fully fit teachers should be put forward for duty because they are relatively more qualified to serve and they are healthy both mentally and physically.