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Somya kharbanda

Bollywood is a tough turf to manoeuvre for rank outsiders and star kids have it relatively easy. The subject nepotism was not always a hot topic in bollywood, until one of  Bollywood famous celebrity kangana Ranaut dig out the issue two years ago and called filmmaker Karan Johar a ‘flag-bearer’ of nepotism. Although many of the star kids were trolled down on social media as the worst product of nepotism . The debate of nepotism never really and it never will.  While most of the Bollywood celebs try to dodge the nepotism bullet, Sara Ali Khan took the debate head-on and reportedly agreed that running away from this topic would be very hypocritical.

According to the reports, in the recent media interaction when Sara Ali Khan was asked that since she is the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, does she enjoy special privileges, the actress didn’t beat around the bush and replied with the yes. The actress reportedly added that this conversation around nepotism is even a topic of the discussion at the dinner table and she can’t run away from it.

It would be hypocritical and wrong for her to say that it doesn’t exist in this arena. Many actresses who has carved a niche For themselves in bollywood opened up about how nepotism in the industry affects newcomers. This debate questions about the real talent that people out there are carrying around while giving auditions and the star kids are having easy access to all the privileged. The topic of nepotism does not only exsist in Bollywood industry only, it actually omnipresent in each and every sphere of work life. But the bollywood industry have been affected the most by this term and is probably having more bane than boon