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A new online trend #JusticeForCarry

 Ishika Sahni

Carry Minati is a famous you tuber with over 16.7 million followers. He had posted 170 videos till now in the age of 20 years. Ajey Nagar as Carry Minati has got a huge fame from his latest video YouTube vs TikTok which was loved by his followers and increased his followers and love for him from the people.

His video YouTube vs TikTok has removed from YouTube that’s why the new trend #JusticeForCarry has started. The roasted video which makes trouble for Carry Minati is towards the TikTok celebrity Amir Siddiqui who has 3.7 million followers on TikTok. This happened after the release of Amir Siddiqui IGTV video criticising India’s YouTube community. Carry make this video as a response to the IGTV video of Amir. The rating of TikTok has also decreased after this. After that Amir Siddiqui started a campaign against cyber bullying.

As a result YouTube has removed the video for violating the Terms and Services. Carry Minati’s video has gained 7 million views within a week and gained a tag as a most famous video of his. Carry fans realised that this is injustice with Carry, then they rushed to twitter and started the Hash tags to support Carry Minati and for the justice for him. #JusticeForCarry and #BanTikTokIndia are the new trends at twitter. The support was very strong and the memes started making on that. Carry has become an online sensation as he is also a rapper and has some songs out like Byepewdiepie and Trigger. Huge amount of people is in the fight against the talented boy.