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Truth and Reality


Suhani Ahluwalia

The issue of spotting UFOs (unidentified flying objects) has always been a topic that interests people around. Several people believe that they do exist, given the fact that there is a world beyond our own. In India, many people claim to spot UFOs thus giving rise to hot debates on the existence of aliens and UFOs.

We might not take it seriously if someone claimed to possess spotted a UFO, but it might be hard to not believe if hawk-eyed army men saw one! News has it that a patrol force saw and reported quite 100 UFO movements round the Lagan Kher Area in Demchock, Ladakh.

Rishikesh is extremely much synonymous with achieving special divine experiences thanks to its peaceful and holy ambiance, but seeing a UFO isn’t merely a special experience but a unprecedented one! It so happened in 2013 that an individual witnessed a cylindrical or cigar-shaped UFO flying within the sky within the middle of a thunderstorm.

A UFO was seen meandering over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence on Lok Kalyan Marg in New Delhi on June 7, 2018. The safety personnel administered an honest search within the area, though nothing was found afterward . Reportedly, the UFO was sighted by the Special Protection Group (SPG) personnel.

Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra came into the spotlight in October 2015 when a UFO sighting was reported within the region by 800 people from 3 villages on the brink of the TRP petrol pump. Consistent with the eyewitnesses, the thing was 12 m wide and was of grayish color. It descended to a height of 500 ft, and then made itself scarce.

Overall, UFO sightings are reported at Kolkata, Bangalore, Aurangabad and other parts of India. However, they’re more common in Kongka Pass in Ladakh also as in Rajasthan and West Bengal .

But no clarity has been made regarding this issue. People are still claiming of spotting UFOs unaware of the fact that are they really UFOs or something else.