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The challenges triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and now the tensions at the border have prompted a leading shoe wear brand LIBERTY to change their business acumen. Earlier, what attracted the Indian distributors and MBO owners for export from China was the timely delivery along with the price efficiency involved. But this pandemic eclipsed all these things. Liberty Shoes already took the pledge to strengthen the roots with Vocal for Local campaign with the name #MajbootKadamTayaarHum which was launched under the leadership of Marketing Head at Liberty Shoes, Mr. Barun Prabhakar, the company has taken more measures now.

Mr. Anupam Bansal Executive Director Retail Liberty Shoes said “As a home-grown brand Liberty has started taking steps in the making of an AtmaNirbharBharat. The current situation due to the pandemic and the growing tensions at the border has impacted the trade relations in terms of imports and exports, leading to a great disturbance in the global supply chain. To help the nation in coming out of this economic challenge and promote the Vocal for Local campaign, Liberty is now reaching out to the small businessmen, Retailers and MBO’S who were earlier dependent on China for exports, by providing them the required product directly from our stores under an economical price range, catering to the needs of tier 2 and tier 3 cities in mind thus bridging the gap created.

The basic idea is to help these businessmen in seeking growth by creating their own home-grown supply chain . We are delivering the orders as per the requirement of the distributors and MBO owners. This is the right time for the countrymen to help each other in creating an #AtmaNirbharBharat.

 LIBERTY SHOES – Established in 1954, Liberty Shoes presently produces 50,000 pairs of footwear a day through its six manufacturing units, sold through 6,000 multi-brand outlets and 350 exclusive showrooms, and has a presence in 25 countries, with 50 showrooms outside India.