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Truth and Reality


Suhani Ahluwalia

Health refers to a state of sound mind and physically fit body free from any disorder, sickness or ailment. In simple words, health refers to the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of an individual . Hygiene refers to the great practices that prevent diseases and results in healthiness , especially through cleanliness, proper disposal , and provide of safe beverage . It refers to all or any those activities that are finished improving and preserving, maintaining sound health.

If we are healthy people around us also will remain healthy and free from diseases. The proverb says that health is wealth it’s truly said that of all things within the world health is that the most precious that one can possess. Money is not any doubt a pleasing thing. However, it can give no pleasure to a person of ruined health. As body and mind are closely connected, the mind can’t be sound and cheerful without sound health.

People are able to do anything in their life but only they’re healthy. A healthy man can enjoy life in every way. An unhealthy man lives a most miserable life. He may have intelligence, merit and wealth, but he cannot put them to use and reap their benefits. Certain ways to stay yourselves healthy are often by drinking Pure water because it is another source of excellent health. an excellent deal of sickness is caused by using impure water. People in villages often bathe, and wash clothes and cattle in tanks. If this water is employed for drinking purposes, it’s going to bring disastrous diseases. to form water pure it should be boiled, in order that it’s going to not do any harm.

Wholesome food keeps our health good. a neighborhood of the food we take is fire to stay the body warm; another part forms flesh to offer us strength. Pure milk is that the most nutritious food. Vegetables and lots of other things that we generally take are nutritious food. A mixed diet is that the best food for us. Stale and rotten food is dangerous for health. Meals should be taken at fixed times. Over-eating causes many diseases. Special care is important about food when any epidemic prevails. Cleanliness is important permanently health. it’s the foremost important hygiene habit. Dirt spreads diseases, because germs thrive in it.

They move about with the dust within the air, so a unclean man is definitely attacked with diseases. The man, who features a clean body and puts on clean clothes, is free from dirt and mud , and no disease can attack him easily. Daily bathing may be a good habit. It keeps our body clean. we should always keep our clothes, beddings, food, utensils, and every one other things neat and clean. No dirt should be allowed to collect near our homes . we should always also keep our teeth and nails clean. we should always remember that cleanliness is next to godliness.