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CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur Transfers Water Purification Technology to a Maharashtra Organisation to get rid of Contamination

Scarcity of water and water contamination are two big menaces we fight against every now- a- then. CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur has been working on this problem for a long time and has come up with innovative technologies for the benefit of humankind. The technologies are premised upon locally available resources which have been innovatively developed. Of late, as a part of eradicating the problem of having contaminants in water, CSIR-CMERI has transferred the technologies of the High Flow Rate De-fluoridation Plant of capacity 10,000 Litre / hour and the High Flow Rate Arsenic Removal Plant of capacity 5000 Litre / hour to M/s Unicare Technologies Pvt. Ltd. of Pune, Maharashtra today in the presence of Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI and senior officials of M/s Unicare Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. (Dr.) Hirani stated that CSIR-CMERI is in a constant process of developing innovative means to deal with several environmental pollution menaces, one of which is water contamination. CSIR-CMERI is continuously engaged in development of affordable water technologies to ensure sustainable access to water for drinking, farming, etc. he reiterated.   

According to the Director, CSIR-CMERI,  to industrialise these technologies, the institute’s approach is to transfer the technology to industry, provide skills to the youngsters, involve local resources and share knowledge with government officials so that strong relations are built, which are very crucial for strengthening the economic parameters of the nation. Over a million people across the country has already been benefitted from the CSIR-CMERI Water Technologies. The Industry partners of CSIR-CMERI are spread across the spectrum of the country to ensure maximal national outreach.

It is to be noted that CSIR-CMERI has already transferred over 62 Water Technologies to MSMEs across the country. CSIR-CMERI developed water purification technologies and quality also. In a period of last one month around 80 students from Seacom Skills University, Shantiniketan, Durgapur women’s College, Durgapur Government College, NIT-Durgapur, Burdwan University and Vidyasagar University, Suri, B. B. College Asansol etc. have participated in the programme.  Prof. (Dr.) Hirani said, skilling the youth on ecological innovations such as water will also sensitise them towards responsible usage of extremely valuable resources such as water. The Institute is also engaged in developing the infrastructure repair and upgradation of the technologies to provide the latest available solutions to the masses.