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Assam / Karimganj : Outrage over the EVM in the BJP candidate’s car, four officers fell

In Karimganj, Assam, there has been a case of getting EVMs from the car of the BJP candidate. In this case the Election Commission has sought a report from the District Election Officer there. The car in which EVM was found is said that the car is of BJP candidate Krishnendu Pal. From Patharkandi. According to the information, the EVM was found in an unclaimed Bolero. Significantly, the second phase of voting in Assam ended on Thursday. The second phase saw 76.96 percent voting. After this a video is going viral on social media, in which EVM machines are allegedly seen in the car of the BJP candidate,.

Infact, a man named Atanu Bhuyan ha posted this video on his Twitter handle. He wrote in the caption of this video, “the situation is tense after getting EVM from the car og BJP candidate Krishnendu Pal from Patharkandi”. On the other hand, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi said that the Election Commission should take decisive steps on this matter and all national parties need to seriously re-evaluate the use of EVMs. He made this remark at a time when video is going viral in social media claiming to have EVM in a private vehicle and that the vehicle is of a BJP leader.

Every time there is an election videos of private vehicles caught transporting EVM’s show up. Unsurprisingly they have the following things in common:

1. The vehicles usually belong to BJP candidates or their associates. ….

Demand to disqualify the candidate immediately

Congress leader Sushmita Dev said that this is a criminal act and we demand to disqualify the candidate immediately. It is clean that the BJP is losing in Assam, which is why it is using illegal ways to win the elections which is unacceptable.