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Lockdown became necessary for Delhi, given the increasing cases of Corona: Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal gave the most attention to the aspect which every government was ignoring, that was the economic crisis over the general public in the lock-down.

He said that the poorest people have to face the biggest economic crisis of lock down. This is why the Delhi government has made important decisions.

1. All the people who have ration cards in Delhi will be given free ration for 2 months. According to statistics, there are 72 lakh ration card holders in Delhi.

2. Delhi government has also decided that it will help auto drivers and taxi drivers by giving Rs 5000. Last time also had helped 1 lakh 5 thousand.

He appealed everyone to help each other and all the people of all political parties, be it BJP, Congress or AAP, everyone should meet and help each other at this time. Do not do any politics, irrespective of religion, of any caste, this disease is not seen by anyone, whether rich or poor. All help each other such as to transport the hospital, to get someone to get a bed in the hospital, to get oxygen, to deliver food, to tell the hospital information or financially whatever it is capable.

“If we all fight together, we will all win from Corona” Arvind Kejriwal.