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Supreme Court alert regarding Corona’s third waveAsked the center – what is the plan, how is the preparation?

Hearing was still held in the Supreme Court on the oxygen crisis in Delhi. The court bluntly told the central government that it would have to make arrangements to deliver 700 metric tonnes of oxygen daily to Delhi. The central government’s arguments in the Supreme Court were that Delhi did not need 700 metric tons of oxygen daily. Know what questions the Supreme Court asked the Center today.

Need to look at oxygen audit Justice DY Chandrachud told Solicitor General (SG) Tushar Mehta that when you made the formula that every person does not need oxygen, not everyone needs ICU or ventilator, there are many people Those who have been told to stay at home and be isolated at home, what we need to do is to look at it all over India, we need to look at the oxygen audit.

From now on, we will be able to handle the third wave, the Supreme Court said that you are in phase 2 of the epidemic, there may be many criteria in the second phase, but we prepare today, only then we will be able to handle phase 3. The court said that it is not just about allocating oxygen to one state, there is a need for proper oxygen audit, there should also be a proper framework for distribution, so I said that other states should also be looked into.

The formula for estimating the need for oxygen is wrong Justice DY Chandrachud said that even the people being treated at home need oxygen, the formula for estimating the need of oxygen is wrong, yet it is true that we have to think for the whole country, today If we prepare then we will be able to deal better with the third phase of COVID.

The COVID Committee is unable to see the basics, Justice DY Chandrachud said that it is a matter of concern that scientists are saying about the third wave, there is a possibility of children being affected in it, children should be thought of in the vaccination campaign. After this SG Tushar Mehta started talking on the committee made to deal with COVID. On this, Justice Chandrachud said that your committee could not see the basics.

➡️ If children are infected, what is the plan? Justice DY Chandrachud said that there are reports of many scientists that third face can start, if children are affected then how will parents do, stay in hospital or what will they do, what is the plan?

➡️ Where to bring man power for the third wave? Justice DY Chandrachud said that if we can create a team of doctors who treat with technology, we do not have man power to handle the second web, we will not have man power even for the third web, will we be fresh Can a graduate doctor and nurse use it?

➡️ What is your plan for the doctor and nurse sitting at home? Justice DY Chandrachud said that doctors and nurses would be tired in the third phase, what would they do? No backup has to be prepared. Justice Chandrachud said that 1 lakh doctors and 2.5 lakh nurses are sitting in homes in the country, he can play an important role in the third wave, 1 lakh doctors are waiting for NEET exam, what plan do you have for them?

Justice DY Chandrachud from Center responsible for policy mistakes Will stand for election in years. The Supreme Court says that they do not want to put the burden of aspirations on Delhi by making the audit Delhi-centric.