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Uttarakhand : Corona records 7783 positive with 127 infected deaths, 31 thousand patients within five days

The graph of corona infection is continuously increasing in Uttarakhand. On Wednesday, new 7783 cases of corona infection have been reported. While 127 people died. This is the first time in the second wave of Corona, while such a large number of positive cases of Corona were found. The number of active cases of corona in the state has increased to 59 thousand 526. From May 1, today, in five days, the number of positive cases of corona infection in the state has crossed the figure of 31 thousand.

Dehradun, USNagar, Nainital, Tehri sensitive

Dehradun, USNagar, Nainital and now Tehri have also become vulnerable in the state in terms of corona infection. According to the Health Bulletin, today 2771 most positive cases have been found in Dehradun. 1043 cases have been found in US Nagar, 956 in Nainital, 504 in Tehri. Except Rudraprayag, the number of infected cases in all the districts is above 200 only.

Highest death rate in Dehradun

The situation in Dehradun in the case of death remains worrying. Of the 127 people who died today, 73 were admitted to various hospitals in Dehradun. 23 in Nainital, nine in Pauri, eight in US Nagar have died. In the remaining districts, one to four people have died.

Sample positivity rate started increasing

As the investigation progresses, the graph of positive cases of corona infection in the state is also increasing. Rajya’s positivity rate on May 1 was 4.88 percent. Which has increased to 5.41 percent today.

More than 1.44 lakh patients also became healthy

With the increase of corona infection in the state, the number of patients who have defeated corona is also not less. Out of two lakh 11 thousand 834 positive cases received so far, one lakh 44 thousand 941 people have also become healthy.