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Uttarakhand / Haldwani : Two women smugglers along with smack including Tamancha – four arrested with illicit liquor

Connections of women smugglers associated with Bareilly and Bahedi, police engaged in questioning

Haldwani Police and SOG have got a big success under the campaign against drug addiction. The team has arrested two women in Rajpura with a large amount of smack. The informer informed the police that two women were smuggling smacks from a house in Rajpura ward number 13. After the information, the joint team of Rajpura Outpost Police and SOG raided the informer’s place and arrested two women. Along with 26 grams of smacks, thousands of cash have also been recovered from them.
The husband of a woman caught has gone to jail in the past in smuggling case in Lalkuan.

The two women smugglers have strings attached to Bahedi and Bareilly. Police inquiries have revealed the names of several smugglers, the police team has become active to catch them. The value of the recovered smack is said to be one and a half lakh rupees.
The team that captured the women smugglers included SOG in-charge Sudhir Kumar, Rajpura outpost in-charge Kavindra Sharma, constables Anil Giri, Jitendra Kumar, Deepak Arora, Virendra Chauhan, Kundan Kathayat, Bhanu.

Two arrested with cartridge-alive cartridge and illegal liquor

In Haldwani The police have arrested two people with illegal firearms, live cartridges and raw liquor. A case against both of them was filed and produced in the court from where they were sent to jail. The Chorgalia police station was conducting a checking operation in Haripur Thitola. During this, the youths who were going on bike number UK 06 AD-2038 stopped, and they got scared after seeing the police. When the police examined the bag in the bike, 130 pouches of raw liquor were found in it. While searching for another young man, 312 bore of him
Tanchana and three live cartridges were found.

Police arrested both the bike riders. In interrogation, he named his name Sukhwinder Singh son Pratap Singh resident Nagla police station Nanakmatta and Lakhmir Singh son Pritam Singh resident Dhyanpura Nanakmatta. Both reported that he had been smuggling raw liquor for a long time. Along with this, he kept this place to maintain the status in this business. The police registered a case against both of them and sent them to jail while seizing the bike. The team included SO Sanjay Joshi, SI Rajesh Joshi, Constable Bharat Bhushan, Mukesh Negi.