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Corona will not stop as easily in India, scientist warns

The second wave of Corona that brought devastation in India may seem to be coming to a standstill, but this wave coming down after going to the peak can be a longer process than the first wave. Well-known virologist Shahid Jameel said on Tuesday that the effect of the current wave of Corona can continue till July. This week, nearly three and a half lakh cases are being registered in India this week.

Director of Trivedi School of Bioscience and Ashoka University expressed concern over the second wave of Corona in India, saying, ‘New variants of Corona may also be partly responsible for the eruption of Corona in India. Although the mutant version of Corona is more deadly, there are no indications of this yet.

Speaking at an online event organized by the Indian Express, Jamil said that it is too early to say that Corona Peak is in India. He said, ‘Even though the cases are not increasing in the second wave of Corona, but even after going to the peak, it is not going to come down so easily. The effect of this wave is expected to last till July. This means that even if this wave starts coming down, we will see a large number of infected people everyday.

According to scientists, the corona cases in the second wave will not come down as seen in the first wave. Jamil said that in the first wave of Corona, we saw a steady decline. But remember, in the second wave of Corona, we have started with a large number only. In the second wave we are starting with four lakh cases as compared to 96,000-97,000 cases of the first wave, then it will take more time to come down.

He said that while the corona cases come down, we will see a lot more cases at every point. He claimed that the death rate data coming out in India is completely wrong. They do not consider the design of collecting data by any individual, group or state wrong, but are unhappy with the way data is recorded.

He told that virologists also believe that people in India have given the virus a chance to spread their feet rapidly by not following the protocols. He said that in December last year, when the cases had reduced considerably, we started believing in things like the strong immunity of Indians. After this, there were fierce marriages in the months of January and February. Such programs spread the corona infection on a large scale.

He said that due to electoral rallies and religious events in the midst of the epidemic, cases have increased more rapidly in the second wave. He has also expressed concern about vaccine coverage. He told that when we had an opportunity in January and February, not enough people could get vaccinated. By the time the cases started rising in the third week of March, we could probably have vaccinated only 2 percent of the people.

Jamil said that many people were not considering the vaccine safe during this time. He said that the vaccine is completely safe and has very few side effects. The possibility of death due to virus is much more than the side effects. On the lack of vaccine in many states, he said that all the big countries have vaccinated a large part of their population and had booked the vaccine till June.

This has not happened in India. The country’s largest vaccine companies are private-limited, so now we are completely dependent on the private sector and private sectors never do such work for charity.

He also said that now funds have been allocated to Bharat Biotech based in Hyderabad and Serum Institute of India in Pune. Now both facilities are expanding. However, it may take up to July for the availability of the vaccine to become normal.