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COVID In-charge Minister Ganesh Joshi inspected Ordnance Factory and Apto Electronic FactoryCOVID In-charge Minister Ganesh Joshi inspected Ordnance Factory and Apto Electronic Factory

On Wednesday 12 May 2021, Minister in charge of COVID arrangements of Dehradun district and Minister of Military Welfare, Industrial Development, MSME and Khadi and Village Industries of the state, Ganesh Joshi, met the top management of Ordnance Factory Factory and Apto Electronic Factory, Ministry of Defense, Raipur. He urged the district to co-operate to fight the epidemic.

During this time, the General Managers in charge of the district were assured by the General Managers of both factories that they are ready to cooperate on their enterprise’s home district ie Dehradun (where the factories are established and operated) on the basis of priority to the best of their ability.

General Manager of Ordnance Factory, Prasanna Kumar Dixit also proposed to take the appeal of the cabinet minister that since electronics is their field, all the electronic devices being used in COVIDHospitals like – concentrator, ventilator system or any other kind of electronic Repair or maintenance of equipment will be done free of charge. Wherever the device is defective, he himself will bring it in his workshop and repair it and will also come back.

SK Das, General Manager of the Opto-Electronic Factory, has welcomed the appeal made by Minister Ganesh Joshi to help in the current phase of the epidemic, that a COVID Testing Center can be developed in the hospital of the factory premises. Here the sampling of the RTPCR test and the system of testing with rapid test can be started immediately.

Dr. Anoop Dimri, Chief Medical Officer, Dehradun, and Additional District Officer, Vir Singh Budiyal, who was present along with the Minister, inspected the hospital in the factory premises and agreed that it would be more favorable to develop a testing center here instead of a Covid Care Center.

The Minister said that he has been told that both these companies of the Government of India do not have any financial arrangement like CSR, but in spite of this, both these enterprises with their expert services offered all kinds of cooperation in this critical time of epidemic. are doing. District officials have been directed to set up the system after coordinating with them.