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Swift Clearing and Apportioning of Global Aid by Government of India has strengthened Tertiary Medical Care across States and UTs for COVID management

Photo 1. Medical Relief from Kuwait on-board INS Kochi comprising of 3 ISO tanks containing 60 metric tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen, 800 Oxygen Cylinders and 2 high-flow Oxygen Concentrators docked at New Mangalore Port yesterday for distribution to various States.

Photo 2. Medical relief from Kuwait on-board INS Tabar comprising of 2 ISO Oxygen tanks containing 40 metric tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen and 600 Oxygen Cylinders, docked at New Mangalore port yesterday for further distribution to various States.
Photo 3. 78,595 vials of Remdesivir from the United States of America landed at Mumbai Airport last night. The vials are being distributed to various States.

In the spirit of goodwill, the global community has been helping India through international donations and aid of COVID-19 relief medical supplies and equipment since 27 April 2021 to support India to address the challenges of COVID management.

Various Ministries/Departments of Government of India are seamlessly collaborating through a streamlined and systematic mechanism under the “Whole of Government” approach, for expeditiously delivering the incoming global aid from different countries/organisations to augment India’s efforts in fighting the unprecedented surge in COVID in the country.

Cumulatively, 9,284 Oxygen Concentrators; 7,033 Oxygen Cylinders; 19 Oxygen Generation Plants; 5,933 ventilators/Bi PAP; ~3.44L Remdesivir vials delivered/ dispatched through road and air, from 27th April 2021 to 11th May 2021.

Major items received on 11th May 2021 from UK, Egypt, Kuwait and South Korea include:

  • Oxygen Concentrator: 30+50=80
  • Oxygen Cylinder: 300+1290=1590
  • Ventilator/ BIPAP/ CPAP: 20

The Union Health Ministry has set up a dedicated cell for regular comprehensive monitoring of the entire process of effective immediate allocation and streamlined delivery to the recipient states/UTs.  The dedicated Coordination Cell created to coordinate the receipt and allocation of foreign COVID relief material as grants, aid and donations has started functioning from 26th April 2021. A Standard Operating Procedure has been framed and implemented by the Health Ministry since 2nd May, 2021.