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Himachal Pradesh / Shimla : The RSS came forward for humanity once again Volunteer of COVID cremated the possible deceased under the rules

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh workers have once again become an example for humanity. Virender Sood passed away amidst the possibility of a previous Thursday COVID in Rhajyana, adjoining New Shimla area of the state capital, Shimla. According to the information received, the 75-year-old self. Virender Sood was retired from the Public Works Department as an Executive Engineer. For the past few days, he was running unwell and was also complaining of fever. Being a heart patient, he had stunts in the heart and was also diabetic. Despite being in the grip of many diseases, he was the owner of a heavy body.

His health deteriorated in the early hours of Thursday, May 13. In view of this, the family decided to call 108 ambulances and take them to the hospital. But before he was taken to hospital by ambulance, he died at 7.30 am. Volunteers were requested to contact the DDU Hospital and send doctors on the spot to examine them. In such a situation, Dr. Himani was sent on the spot by the hospital administration and his death was confirmed. But during this time the self Virender Sood could not get a Kovid investigation. The primary reason for this is that the doctor who reached the spot was cited as not having a COVID-19 rapid test kit and the hospital reported the deceased to be an ICRT test in the hospital itself, which was reported to take two to three days to arrive. He also cited the observance of Kovid rules for cremation of the dead body in the event of not getting a test in the hospital.

On the other hand, for the funeral. Vivendra Karol, elder son of Virender Sood, who works in real estate in Chandigarh, was constantly delayed in reaching Shimla due to formalities of COVID Pass etc. It was worrying for the family to keep the corpse at home longer due to the potential corona. The family was under pressure to cremate the body as soon as possible, but P.P.E. Where can I get the kit? And with which vehicle can the dead body be taken to the crematorium? And will he be allowed to perform the last rites at the crematorium? There were many Yaksha questions due to which the family’s concern was increased.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh activists Kuldeep Kumar, including Jagat, Vijay Sharma and his wife Neelam Sharma, who are nurses by profession, came forward to help the family when many people and relatives of the neighborhood were reluctant to visit her house. A total of six PPE kits including three PPE kits were arranged from Saraswati Vidya Mandir Vikasnagar with the cooperation of Union Director of Shimla Department Ajay Kumar. The volunteers carried out the work keeping the children and other elders in the family safe. At the same time, Kovid arrived at the crematorium in Rotary Club, Kanalog scheduled for the dead, carrying the corpse and was cremated there in the presence of the deceased’s elder son Vivek Karol.

I am working in real estate in Chadigarh. My father died on 13 May. Due to the potential of COVID, cremation of him was very challenging and it was not possible for me to reach Shimla but even Shimla. In such a situation, the RSS The people, whom I was meeting for the first time, helped my family a lot. With his help, we were able to perform the last rites of Hindu rituals, following the Kovid rules of Father’s body. Vivek Karol, son Late. Virendra Sood