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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Corporation employees sanitizing the dense streets, Corona spill will stop due to monitoring on Containment Zone, urban-Nagar Corporation did sanitation in 73 Containment Zone,According to the roster, fogging was done in the ward

To curb the spread of Corona, the Municipal Corporation on Saturday conducted sanitation in 73 containers and partial containment zones in several wards of the metropolis, besides Jain cremation at Shivpuri, Numaish Camp, Haqikat Nagar and Kalasia Road besides Kachahari, Collectorate, Vikas Bhawan Many government buildings, including major markets and market committees were also sanitized.

According to the roster, sanitation was also carried out in seven wards and fagging operations in nine wards.
On the instructions of Nagarayukt Gyanendra Singh, the Municipal Corporation on Saturday sanitized all the 73 containers and partial containment zones of several wards. The Nagarayukta has instructed the cleaning inspectors and cleaning heroes that cleaning, lime, malathion spraying and sanitization should be carried out on a war-footing, keeping a special watch on all the container zones of the metropolis to prevent corona spills. There should not be any negligence in this. He said that a slight omission can further promote corona infection.

He informed that apart from the Containment Zone and Partial Containment Zone, major markets, government buildings and crematoriums are being sanitized every day. On Saturday, Ward 16 Naveenagar, Ward 01 Moujampura, Ward 39 Nazirpura, Ward 19 Gopalnagar, Ward 31 Mankamau South, Ward 20 Janakpuri and Ward 47 Khalapar have been sanitized. While the fagging campaign was carried out according to the roster in Ward 52 Fort Nawabganj, Ward 54 Nurbasti, Ward 55 Chandranagar, Ward 56 Khattakhedi Hyatt Colony, Ward 57 Sarai Mardan Ali, Ward 48 Housing Development, Ward 58 Dinanath, Ward 59 Mattiamhal and Ward 60 Hyatt Colony. has gone.

  • Colonel BS Negi addressing the monitoring committees
  • Corporation officials gave instructions to the monitoring committees to stay updated
  • Information about corona infected families regarding medicines and food

Corporation officials are constantly contacting the monitoring committees to check their activism to beat Corona. On Saturday, the corporation officials also held meetings of the monitoring committees in several wards and directed the committee members to pay special attention to the corona-positive families and ensure the availability of medicines and food as well as strict adherence to the COVID rules. During this time, the corporation officials also followed the COVID rules and met the Corona infected families and inquired about their health etc.

In compliance with the orders of the Chief Minister, on the instructions of the Commissioner of Police, Gyanendra Singh, Additional Commissioner of Police, Ravish Chaudhary and Enforcement Group in-charge Colonel BS Negi held meetings with the monitoring committee members in Ward 9, Ward 16, Ward 25, Ward 48 and Ward 50 in the corona in the Containment Zone. Encouraged the infected families and others to strictly follow the COVID guide line, and also directed that the availability of medicines and food should also be taken care of such families. The corporation officials also checked the details of the Containment Zone and Hot Spot areas and other information from the committee members to the registers. Officials were also asked to keep the register updated in respect of Corona-infected patients.

During the meetings Anganwadi workers Sunita, Anju Sharma, Neelam Sharma, Rekha Rani, Rupa Shukla and Asha workers Babita, Mamta, Praveen, Shakuntala, Rakhi besides TC Sagar Dung, Akshay Kapil, Prashant, Neeraj, Kailash besides Councilor Naresh Rawat Be present During this, sanitizers and masks of ASHA in-charge were also distributed. Sanitization was also done in Premnagar Containment Zone.