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Truth and Reality

In the high-level meeting, government spokesman Subodh Uniyal informed about the important decision regarding COVID curfew.

In this regard, practical difficulties were overcome during the previous COVID Curfew.

From next May 18 at 6 am to May 25 at 6 am, then the second phase of COVID curfew will be implemented.
A maximum of 20 people will be allowed in the wedding ceremony and RTPCR test will be mandatory before 72 hours.

COVID curfew will be valid only for doctor’s visit to visit doctor’s prescription.

Curfew passes will be compulsorily given to 20 people allowed at the funeral.

In case of health emergency and family death, e pass will be given on application.

Banking procedure was carried out at Bank’s request from 10 am to 2 pm.
The same system will also apply to the State Employees Finance Institute.

Haridwar bone immersion is 4 persons permissible, 50% capacity of the vehicle will be permissible.

Along with the government ration shop, the bakery will also be allowed to open from 7 am to 10 am. The groceries, ration shops will open on May 21 at 7 to 10 in the day.
There will be no compulsory pass for coming to Uttarakhand from the up limit, but will have to apply on the portal.

In place of compulsion for the safety and movement of the workers for the industry, it has been made possible.