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Social media: Kangana angry at trolls in Israel-Palestine case, said- ‘Son, I am everyone’s mother’

Israel and Palestine are two countries whose dispute has been going on for a long time. Agreements were reached several times to establish peace between the two countries and to end differences, but the conclusion was not much. The differences between Israel and Palestine are said to begin with the end of the Ottoman Empire. The most contentious issue in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict is Jerusalem. Conflict between Palestine protesters and Israeli security forces has been going on in the city for the past weeks. The city is considered to be the most prominent place among the three religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The three religions that associated Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim with their history consider it to be their holiest place. The city, divided by the Killenuma security wall, is home to people of Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Armenian faith. This international issue is being discussed all over the world and the rest of the countries are appealing to pacify it. In such a situation, Bollywood’s queen Queen Kangana Ranaut has also jumped into it and is making a lot of rhetoric. Now they have reprimanded the trollers.

Kangana Ranaut keeps her speech to the rest on most of the burning political issues of the country. For this, she takes the help of social media. After Twitter suspended the account, she has now reached Instagram and is updating the post indiscriminately here. These days, she is making a statement on the issue of Jerusalem that has sprung up between Israel and the Palestinians.

Kangana Ranaut has written her statement tagging a video clip on her Insta Story. Also, she has targeted those who were saying that the actress has no knowledge about this international issue. He wrote, ‘You can clearly see in the video how Israel was formed. It is not an illegal country, but they had taken it back from the British and settled it with the intervention of the United Nations. ‘

Next Kangana writes, ‘After this, six Muslim countries attacked them and with each attack, they acquired more and more land. Because this is what happens when you win a war. People who come here are crying and saying that I do not know anything, son I am the mother of all fathers. Talking in front of the world, in front of you. ‘

Kangana did not stop here. She shared another Insta story and wrote, ‘If we cry hysterical argument, then there should be only Hindus in India, Red Indians in America and Adivasis in Australia.’ This is how Kangana Ranaut spoke on the matter .