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Uttar Pradesh / Prayagraj : Fruit rates are skyrocketing

Global epidemics like Corona and lockdown and inflation have already broken people’s financial back. Now when the trend of people moved towards fruits according to the consultation of doctors to increase their immunity, the fruits had disappeared in the market. Even if you are getting two to three times the price. Especially oranges, coconut water, kiwi fruits, apples, grapes which are rich in vitamins.

It is said that Kiwi fruit sold at a rate of ten to fifteen rupees is being sold today for fifty to eighty rupees, in the same way coconut water sold for thirty rupees in sixty, apple sold at the rate of one hundred rupees and two hundred Grape selling from three hundred rupees, forty-fifty rupees kg is being sold at the rate of one hundred and eighty rupees. The orange has disappeared from the market, due to the increasing demand for oranges, the same has been stored by the wholesale fruit vendors, even if found by any retail fruit seller, the price is not less than two hundred rupees. Orange, which people did not buy even for forty rupees a kilo, is not easily available today despite giving two hundred rupees. When asked about the huge increase in the rates of fruits, the retailers of the retailers, they told us what to do when the wholesale shopkeepers of the fruits are giving us expensive rates.

Those selling coconut water told that due to the increasing demand of people, coconut shop, which is available at the rate of two and a half thousand rupees two and a half thousand rupees, from five thousand rupees to five thousand rupees is being given to the wholesale shopkeepers, the fare from the top is fifty different. It is our compulsion to sell small coconut water in rupees and big coconut water in sixty rupees to the customers. We have losses and losses on selling less than this. The question arises that will the people of the administration and administration tighten up on the rampant loot of everyday essentials, or will the general public continue to suffer like this in the mill of inflation.