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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Glocal Medical College providing excellent services in Corona war

Due to the efforts of Chancellor Haji Iqbal of Glocal Medical College and Research Center Mirzapur Pol District Saharanpur, the 450-bed COVID Hospital has run smoothly and COVID will be benefitting the ailing citizens of the region and district Saharanpur in the second wave of 19, COVID last year. Glocal Hospital played a commendable role in the fight since 19 and a large number of COVID patients were healthy. Due to the efforts of District Officer Saharanpur, the line of oxygen is going to start soon in the Glocal Hospital, which will be soon from the oxygen room in the hospital premises. Efforts are being made to start adding it. The entire medical staff and team of doctors of Glocal Hospital are presently contributing to the treatment of patients affected by Corona and all the facilities have been taken in the hospital, which will benefit the Saharanpur district in fighting the corona infection. Glocal Hospital in Behat area is the largest hospital with facilities for general health, as well as its excellent role in the war from Corona.