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Uttar Pradesh / Biharigarh : The institution raised the bid to meet the lack of oxygen in the area, handed over ten oxygen concentrators’All ready help of corona victims always ready: Surendra Singh’

In the times of Corona crisis, where the Government overnment is doing everything possible for the convenience of the public, SHO Surendra Singh of the police station, Biharigarh is not backing down from helping every possible victim of the Corona victims, but the tireless efforts of the social organization also from their untiring efforts A commendable initiative has been taken. According to the information received, on Tuesday, the Khalsa Aid, a renowned institution, handed over 10 oxygen contractors who had been brought from London to serve the public on behalf of the Biharigarh Police Station and appealed to them that in the time of Corona crisis, wherever If there is any problem, make it available to the public. In view of the fact that there should be no shortage of oxygen to corona infected patients in the area, the institution has taken this further initiative. The General Secretary of the organization, Giani Hardayal Singh told that in the era of Corona crisis, the public is facing a lot of difficulties, in such an effort has been made on behalf of the institution.

Where is the Police Station President Surendra Singh always ready for every possible help of the Corona victims, he appealed to the people also to have 2 yards of Marcus.
Police president Surendra Singh, general secretary of the institution Giani Hardayal Singh, constable Laxmi Singh and others were present on the occasion.