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Uttar Pradesh : Now paramedical and nursing staff are ready to fight Glocal University corona

After the efforts of Chancellor Haji Iqbal of Glocal Medical College and Research Center Mirzapur Pol, the 450-bed COVID Hospital is operating smoothly, Glocal University is preparing paramedical and nursing staff to fight Corona. It is worth noting that in the research and reports by many experts, it has been said that the second wave of this COVID 19 is going to be a long running one and the next crisis that can be seen in the country is the doctors, paramedical and nursing staff. Reduction and fatigue are called fatigues. It is possible that the wave of COVID-19 will decrease very late. Still more than 2.5 lakh corona cases are coming in the country every day. In this view, the emphasis of Glocal University is to provide trained staff through paramedical courses. In this sequence, Glocal University has conducted 7 degree and 7 diploma courses, the syllabus of Paramedical College is as follows. MSc Medical Lab Technology, BSC Courses Cardiac Care Technology, Anesthesia Technology, Medical Radiograph & Imaging Technology, Operation Theater Technology, Medical Lab Technology Optometry & Diploma Courses Emergency & Trauma Care Technology, Cardiac Technology, CT Scan, Optometry OT Technology, MRI Technology, X ray technology and health assistant. These courses are being conducted under the supervision of the professors of these subjects and Dr. Sonu and Dilshad.
Dr. Sonu is also the Chief Coordinator of the Glocal Medical College and Research Center, the possibility of getting a job through these courses is very high. As there is a lack of trained staff in India, in addition to this many business courses are also being successfully run by the university. It is important to note that the emphasis of the Government of India is more towards professional courses as it is directly related to the job. The Advanced Diploma is available in Life Sciences, Medical Lab Technology, Ophthalmic Technology, Health Care Technology and Medical Imaging Technology. Advanced diploma is of 2 years duration, diploma is of 1 year and certificate course is of 6 months.