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Uttarakhand / Kotdwar : Uttarakhand Senior Actor of Garhwali Industry Ramratan Kala Passed away

Kotdwar : In Garhwal, a Garhwali song from the Najibabad Akashwani of the 1990s used to rock the whole of Garhwal, “Mithai Biola Banai Dayao Bioli Khujai Dyo”, this song of Ramratan Kala, resident of Kotdwar, Manpur, is still remembered by the radio listeners of that era. But the sad news is coming that this evergreen singer of Garhwali songs has now said goodbye to this world. For the past few years, due to paralysis, he had to be away from the theater due to financial difficulties, former Chief Minister Bhuvan Chandra Khanduri had given some financial help for the treatment of the disease but was not supporting the body in the end, the long illness and the difficult life struggle. This all-round folk artist abandoned this mortal body and left the abode of Lord Maheshwar Sadasiva. Behavior and people remember the one who has walked on the path of goodness, whose behavior has remained public interest in the late Ramratan Kala also played a memorable performance in the video songs of folk singer Narendra Singh Negi in which Naya Jamna Ka Chharo Kaun Uthi Baul Rock and Roll , Tara Machoi Gaadi Bogige Le Khale Ab Kha Macha, Samudula on the second day of Samlouna Hwai Ginni, etc. Ramratan Kala did the best performance in hundreds of songs. Goodbye to Paramdham Rara da

He was a well known artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan. He continued to entertain the audience in the role of “Rarada” in Akashwani Najibabad’s most popular show Gram Jagat program and “Mulkida” in Doordarshan Dehradun’s Kalyani program.

Shri Ramratan Kala ji played the role of comedian in many films and albums of Uttarakhand. Many of his comedic performances such as “Bayoli Khuje Dayavo”, “Ab Kha Macha” etc. still tickle the listeners. He will always be remembered for his invaluable contribution to the culture, music, art, film and theater of Uttarakhand.