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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Municipal magistrate honoured for outstanding service during the corona period

Paryavaran Mitra Mandal today felicitated Municipal Magistrates Suresh Kumar Soni and Rajiv Kumar Jain for outstanding service during the Karona period under the leadership of Gulshan Aneja on the premises of the Collectorate. On this occasion, members of the organization honored him by giving him Momento. Giving this information, Gulshan Aneja said that he planted around 1200 trees and made a conscious campaign not to use polythene. He said that our organization is determined to save the environment and we will continue to work for it. The City Magistrate did commendable work for the people. Therefore, we also respect such people. The event was mainly attended by Murali Khanna, Mukesh Sharma, Amardeep Jain, Raman Chaudhary, Rajat Kaushik, Naveen, Anand, Romi Ahuja, Bhanu, Girish, Mukesh Gupta, Shobhit Jain, etc.