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Corona’s antibody cocktail launched in India, price 59,750 per dose

Leading pharmaceutical companies Roche India and Cipla today announced the introduction of Roche’s antibody cocktail in India, priced at Rs 59,750 per dose, for the treatment of highly ill patients with Kovid-19. “The first batch of antibody cocktails (cassirivimab and imdevimab) is available in India, while the second batch will be available by mid-June,” Cipla and Roche said in a joint statement. In total, two million patients can be treated with these doses. Cipla will distribute this drug with the help of its strong delivery capacity across the country. According to the statement, the cost of the dose for each patient will be Rs 59,750, which includes all taxes. The statement further stated that the drug would be available through major hospitals and Kovid treatment centers.