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An actor does not decide hit and miss alone: Arjun Kapoor

Actor Arjun Kapoor agrees that an actor’s career in Bollywood is defined by hit and miss, as it helps in assessing the worthiness of the star through the business of films. However, he says that only one actor is not responsible for the ups and downs. Arjun said, when you are looking at an actor’s ability, you have to assess how his film business has performed. Also, I think if you are a good actor, you are more defined by your performance.
UnHe further said that sometimes you are a very good actor but you make the wrong choice. You may be the right actor who attracts people but they are disappointed with the work they are doing at the moment because an actor is not judging a hit and miss alone.
Arjun says that there are many elements that may or may not work in favor of an actor.
He said, actors are sometimes disappointed by their director. Sometimes the script does not proceed in the way it was envisioned. And an actor sometimes disappoints a film by not doing a good job with the content given to him.
The definition of an actor for an outsider is definitely a hit and miss, he said, but inside the community I would say that many other situations arise.
Arjun’s next film is Sardar Ka Grandson, which released today on May 18 on Netflix. Sardars Ka Grandson is the story of Amrik played by Arjun, who wants to fulfill one of his grandmother’s wishes.