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Himachal Pradesh / Dharamshala : MLA delivering door to door Sanjeevani kit

Front Line Corona Warriors Police Staff Honored

Also guarding against Corona

Amid the growing outbreak of Corona, the MLA of Dharamshala has settled in Vishal Naihariya Field. The MLA himself has taken up the task of transporting the Home Isolation Sanjeevani Kit launched by the state government to the Corona infected patients. At the same time, police personnel who served on the front line at the forefront of the Corona era are also honored. The way the continuous cases have come up, the general public is also being made aware of the corona by the MLA. Those who have been found corona infected in Dharamshala area and are taking health benefits in home isolation are also boosting their morale by getting MLA Sanjeevani kits themselves. The MLA boosted the morale of the infected patients by saying that keep the thinking positive and do not allow negativity in itself. He said that any war can be won by positive thinking. At the same time, in the Corona era, where people are lying in their homes, while the police personnel serving on the front line, the MLA also encouraged them by going to the points and honoring them. The MLA said that all of us will have to fight the fight against Corona with due diligence and if we follow all the guidelines, then surely we will win against Corona. During this, MLA Vishal Naihari along with MLA Seva Dal members Sushil Kapoor and Sahil Sharma, Asha Worker, women health worker were present.