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Himachal Pradesh / Parwanoo : Presented sanitizer, mask, oximeter and thermometer to police department

Lions Club Parwanoo, Kalka and Small Industries Bharti Parwanoo Unit presented sanitizers, masks, oximeters and thermometers to the Police Department under the leadership of State Women Commission President Daisy Thakur.

On this occasion, Dr. Daisy Thakur provided masks, sanitizers, thermometers and oximeters to DSP Yogesh Rolta and Thana in-charge Dayaram on behalf of Lions Club and Laghu Udyog Bharti. The circle stands in the front row.

The police have done a commendable job in maintaining discipline even in the Corona curfew in Parwanoo. On this occasion, District Secretary Vineet Goyal from Lions Club, Region Chairman Saminder Garg and Pooja Goyal, and Chairman Upendra Mandyal, Ketan Patel and Vikas Seth were present on behalf of Laghu Udyog Bharti.