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India joins few big economies to achieve Paris goals: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Vesak Vishwotsav on the occasion of Buddha Purnima through video conferencing. Members of the Federation, Prime Ministers of Nepal and Lanka, Ministers Prahlad Singh and Kiren Rijiju, Bhanta Dr. Dhammapiyya, General Secretary of the International Buddhist Federation were also present at the event.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister said that Vesak Day is a day to remember Lord Buddha. We get an opportunity to remember his ideals and sacrifices, which he did to make the earth better. The Prime Minister said that last year he dedicated the Vesak Day program to all the warriors of the Front Front who were fighting to save humanity against the Kovid-19 epidemic. A year later, the Kovid-19 pandemic has not left us. All countries including India are facing the second wave of epidemic. He said that such epidemics occur only occasionally in life, but it has brought tragedy and terror with it and has pained every household from house to house. And our planet will not be the same after Covid-19. He said that there have been many notable improvements since last year, such as the epidemic can be understood better today. Based on this, our strategy was strengthened so that we could fight it and we also prepared the vaccine. The vaccine is very important for saving lives and defeating epidemics. The Prime Minister praised the scientists who developed the Covid-19 vaccine, who made the vaccine within a year. He said that this shows the tenacity of man and his tenacity.

The Prime Minister said that there are four episodes of the life of Lord Buddha, who inspired him to eradicate human suffering. He said that last year, many people and organizations stood up together to alleviate human suffering. Buddhist followers and Buddhist organizations around the world contributed a lot of equipment and materials. He said that such a deed is in accordance with Bhagavu Sabb Mangalam (goodness, compassion and well-being for all) of Lord Buddha.

The Prime Minister said that while fighting the Covid-19, we should not turn away from the other challenges which the entire humanity has to face today, such as climate change etc. He said that the careless lifestyle of the present generation has put the future generation in danger. We must resolve that we will not hurt our planet. Referring to Lord Buddha, he said that he always emphasized on the way of life, where understanding nature as the mother was paramount. The Prime Minister announced that India is among the few big economies in the direction of achieving the targets. He said that for India, proper life is not only a word, but also karma.
The Prime Minister said that the life of Gautama Buddha teaches peace, harmony and co-existence. But even today, such forces exist, which thrive on hate, terror and insane violence. He said such forces do not believe in liberal democratic principles.

Therefore, there is a need to call upon those who believe in humanity; They should come together and defeat terrorism and fundamentalism. He said that the teachings of Lord Buddha and the importance of social justice can become a power connecting the whole world.
The Prime Minister said that Lord Buddha is a repository of goodwill for the entire universe. We all can take the light of knowledge from time to time and move on the path of compassion, universal responsibility and welfare. The Prime Minister gave the example of Mahatma Gandhi, the Buddha taught to believe the victory of truth and love by neglecting the outer covering. In this regard, he urged everyone to repeat their commitment to the ideals of Lord Buddha.

The Prime Minister first thanked the calamities, frontline health workers, doctors, nurses and volunteers for putting themselves at risk every day to save the lives of others. He expressed condolences to the victims and those who lost their loved ones.