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Uttar Pradesh : Emergency landing of jet plane on Yamuna Expressway

⏺️Both people including the captain riding in the plane are safe

⏺️Mirage landed near Karb village on 20 May 2015 on Expressway

⏺️The first trial on the highway in the country took place on the land of Mathura

Mathura : Due to a technical fault in a jet plane in the Naujheel area, the Yamuna Expressway landed at Milestone 72 and averted a major accident. The Jet Plane landing on the expressway was a matter of curiosity for the people around. The crowd of villagers had gathered around. Police laid a circle around the plane and kept people at a certain distance from the plane. However, this incident was not an enigma for the people of the district.

On Thursday, there was such an emergency that traffic was moving towards Agra-Noida at around 1.15 pm that the aircraft started circling in the vicinity. The police arrived in a hurry and made the landing of the aircraft in their presence. It was primarily told that the aircraft had run out of fuel, so had to land here. Police investigation has revealed that the jet plane is the jet plane of Aligarh’s cross country flight training center which flew from Narola to Aligarh. Captain Jagrit and student Aditya Ghosh were aboard the plane. It is being told that due to power loss in the plane, emergency landing had to be done. Landing on the expressway was secured. Due to which a big accident was averted. Captain Jagrit Singh said that there was a sudden technical fault during the training in the jet plane. Power loss was happening. Therefore, emergency landing had to be done in time. In this, both the passengers on the plane are safe. Mirage was launched near Karb village on 20 May 2015.

On Thursday, 20 May 2015, it was 6.40 am. Indian Air Force landed its Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft on Yamuna Expressway near village Karb in Mahavan Tehsil. This successful landing was done by the Air Force as an emergency trial run. The Air Force fighter aircraft was successfully landed twice on the Mirage Expressway. The first road runway test in the country took place on the land of Mathura.

On 20 May 2015, it was the first of its kind trial on the Yamuna Expressway for the landing of aircraft in an emergency on national highways in the country. Such strips were marked on the expressway where landing of aircraft could be made in case of emergency.