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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : White elephant has become the portal of Chief Minister, Illegal transportation of illegal mining is happening on fake forms

The game of illegal mining has not stopped. Yamuna’s womb is being sieved with the involvement of Transport Department, Police and Mining Department. The mafia is strangling their lentils in lock down. Officers are silent and the government is losing revenue every day. Overall, there is no eye on this blindness. Even after countless complaints on the Chief Minister’s portal, the black business of mining continues.

Please tell that Saharanpur forms the boundary of the state of Uttarakhand and Haryana. Saharanpur has always been infamous for mining from Yamuna river. The NGT also gave strict instructions regarding illegal mining. Even the CBI sat till the investigation in this case. Many times there was bloodshed. In the SP government, there was a bloody confrontation between the mafia of UP and Haryana regarding mining in Sarsawa. One died in the shootout. But, it all went on. These days again illegal mining and transportation in Yamuna is in full swing. However, in the past, DIG Upendra Agarwal had made a lot of strictness regarding illegal mining. It was banned for some time. But mining continues again these days. The allegation is that illegal mining is being given entry in Saharanpur by the Chilkana police. There are also allegations of Bhagat received by the Transport Department. Actually, mobile vans of all these departments have been deployed to clamp down on this illegal mining. But, everything is happening in the dark of night. The van is nowhere to be seen. If we talk about Syndicate, then a group of Haryana comes first. The same group is damaging government revenue in UP by doing illegal mining on a large scale. Many complaints were made against it, but due to high penetration in the department, no concrete action could be taken on them. Recently about 60 trains transporting many illegal mining were identified. These trains are coming from Haryana to UP. The numbers of these trains have been sent to the Chief Minister’s portal including UP 11BT 6466, 1875, 6768, 6727, 2591, 6424, 6224, 2684, 0113, 1786, 0738, 7861, 5938, 0224, 2591, 2464, 9427, 77683220 , 6171, 7768, 4796, 6171, U.P.11AA3647, HR63C1223, HR11AT4280, HR58B3562, 9354, 4670, 6224, 0661, 8859, UP VAD 14FT2332, HR58A6305, 6249, There are more than 4 dozen vehicles including 6152, 8207, 8859, 2024, 4670, 4168 UP 11 AT 8694, 8986, 1786, 0183, 7217, 1492, 2609, 7172, Vad 11 AT 9220. These vehicles are bringing illegal mining from Haryana on a large scale, by charging an entry fee from which local police station is getting entry in the UP border. It is being told that some pakori mining mafias have got 20 percent stone and 80 percent sand ravine pass, on the basis of which these people make 100 percent of the entire paper and send the solid material of the stone from Haryana to Uttar Pradesh. Where they are sent through Saharanpur Nanauta to many places including Delhi. Explain that ISDP is required to be brought from another state, which these people prepare fake and the cell tax department keeps sleeping on the Kumbhkaran. SDM Nakud has caught the case of fake paper and ISTP many times. But, the business is not stopping.