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Uutar Pradesh / Lucknow : Youth should be linked with the campaign through ITI Chalo Abhiyan: Kapil Dev

By giving online training to the youth, A regain trained

Youth should be associated with this campaign by publicizing the ITI Chalo campaign on a wide scale. Work should be done to make the youth self-sufficient by training them. In view of the Kovid convention, the youth should be imparted online training and trained them. Emphasis should be made to make online training interesting for the youth, for this, along with giving interesting information related to great men to online training, inspiring stories should be narrated. The Minister of State for Vocational Education and Skills of the said State, Independent Charge Kapil Dev Aggarwal said during the review of nine mandals on Friday. Review of skill training provided in Kanpur divisions. He first expressed his condolences to the people who died due to Covid infection in the department. During this he said that everyone should follow the protocol of Covid infection. He interacted with the concerned officers and private IT operators of each division. He also listened to suggestions about the work being done and the training being done by the department in the board, and Agrawal said that the parent sends ITI to his children with a belief that his child will get training through ITI and will be self-reliant. Or can get employment. To maintain this belief, youths should be trained and provided employment opportunities. There should be no carelessness or laxity in it. Said that schools should be approached to connect children with ITI. In view of Kovid, only online training is being given, but as soon as the guidelines for the establishment of the institute comes, then preparations should be made on a war-footing to prepare the youth so that the youth can be fully trained and get employment. Agrawal said that the department should do it Special attention should be given to quality in construction works. There should not be any kind of negligence in it. For this, the concerned district officials go on the spot and inspect the works themselves. It is said that the department should provide the list of the youths receiving health related training to the concerned District Magistrate or CMO, so that the services of the trained youth can be availed.