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Ranveer Singh can make ‘Ravan’ in the movie ‘Sita’

A big news has come about actor Ranveer Singh. According to reports, Ranveer Singh has been approached for a film set on a mythological backdrop. The film is written by KV Vijendra Prasad, the writer of ‘Bahubali’. The title of this film is- ‘Sita 4’. Ranveer’s fans will be very surprised to know that preparations are on to show their favorite star as ‘Ravan’ on the big screen. If all goes well, Ranveer can be seen playing the role of Ravana in the film Sita.
Meanwhile, there are also reports that preparations are being made for a film based on the legend, which is titled Ramayana, about Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan and Mahesh Babu. Now you must be wondering how the film for which Ranveer Singh has been approached is different from the Ramayana. So let us tell you that whenever we have seen the story of Ram and Sita on TV, it has always been shown from the perspective of Lord Ram. Through the film Sita, for the first time, viewers will feel the emotion that Sita Maa did. This film will be shown from the perspective of Sita Maa.

At the same time, the idea about Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt is going on for the role of Sita. In a report quoting sources, the film said that preparations are being made to install the film on a large scale. The scale of the film will be as big as Bahubali. There is a toss-up between Kareena and Alia for the role of Sita.
The makers have approached Ranveer Singh to play the role of Ravana. If Kareena is signed and Ranveer also says yes, then it will be the first film of the two together. Both Kareena and Ranveer have liked their characters, but the final narration is still awaited, only after which the project will be pushed forward.

If Ranveer says yes to this film, it will not only be his first film with Kareena, but it will be the second film after Padmavat, in which he will be seen in a negative role. Ranveer impressed everyone with his superb acting in Padmavat. It seems that by playing the role of Ravana, he wants to leave an indelible impression on the hearts and minds of the audience once again. Ranveer is such an artist, who has always tried to play new characters. It seems that Ranveer is bored with the image of Good Boy, so is again preparing for a great experiment.