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Himachal Pradesh : Students took oath to build a tobacco free society at IEC University

Solan : Like every year, “World No Tobacco Day” was celebrated at the IEC University at Atal Shiksha Nagar, Kaluzhanda. On this occasion, all the departments of the university organized various online sessions on the subject “Commit to Quit” and explained to the students the ill effects of tobacco. In the wake of the Corona epidemic, the event was organized through a virtual medium aimed at discouraging the use of tobacco in any form and for students to learn about the serious health hazards caused by tobacco such as mouth, lung, liver, heart and cancer. Had to make aware. In this program, the students were also made aware of the disclosures of the World Health Organization which has stated that tobacco consumption is the cause of many respiratory diseases, and that people consuming tobacco products are more susceptible to Kovid-19 infection than normal people. The probability is stated to be high.

At the end of the program (as instructed by the University Grant Commission) to build a tobacco-free society by motivating all the students not to smoke and consume any kind of tobacco products and also to acquaint their acquaintances not to smoke and other tobacco products. The oath was administered. IEC University Management congratulated everyone on the successful organization of this event and also assured of all possible cooperation to fulfill the objective of building a tobacco-free society in the future.