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Uttar Pradesh: Will Yogi Adityanath accept Delhi’s talk?

It seems that all is not well in the government and organization of the country’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh. Ahead of the assembly elections to be held next year, the politics there has suddenly heated up and there are speculations that some faces may be swapped in the government and the organization. In order to fulfill this exercise, BJP’s national organization General Secretary BL Santosh has camped in Lucknow today and he is meeting with ministers separately and is busy trying to fathom them.

Actually, BJP wants that the president of the party should be changed in the state before the elections. Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya should be brought to this post and AK Sharma, who was a bureaucrat, should be made Deputy Chief Minister. But those who understand the Sangh Parivar closely know that the stature of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who has identified the dominant face of Hindutva in the politics of North India, has now reached the stage where without his will, the imagination of change in the government and the organization. Its difficult. In such a situation, the question arises whether Yogi Adityanath will follow this formula of the organization? Everyone is aware of the growing tussle between Yogi and Maurya, from the strategy of dealing with Corona to the party’s poor performance in the recent panchayat elections. In such a situation, will the yogis be ready for this? Because after becoming the state president, he cannot refuse to accept Maurya’s words.

Through the Hindutva Vahini, a yogi who awakens Alakh and has gained enough respect in the saint society, is told that equal importance is given in the Sangh Parivar. Perhaps this is the reason why even the senior officials of the Sangh are unable to ignore what they said. When Dattatreya Hosabole was the co-sarkarwah of the Sangh, then his center was Lucknow and during that time he has seen the politics of UP as well as the style of running the government of Yogi very closely. Hosbole has now become a caretaker. Last week he went to Lucknow where he also met CM Yogi.

If sources are to be believed, at the same time Yogi had indicated not to follow the formula suggested by the high command. His gesture was that “Wherever you are, let it remain there. If a new face has to be made Deputy CM, then make it.” However, then the yogi also gave a jumla that “if they are so worthy, then take them to Delhi, please sit in MHA”. The meaning of this jumla will be understood by those who know the nuances of the tug of war between Delhi and Lucknow from behind the scenes.

However, even his opponents cannot deny the fact that the image of Yogi is that of a strict administrator and a fiercely honest leader as well as a helpful sannyasin. The BJP has no other saint-leader of this stature to reach the throne of Guru Gorakhnath through rigorous tenacity, so the party will have to listen to him to return to power again.