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You just want people to see you: Ileana D’Cruz

Actress Ileana D’Cruz has had a pretty good run in the South and has been doing her share of Bollywood films as well. She says that everything depends on the people and as an artist, everyone wants the audience to like to see you. She points out that popularity is something that balances the fact that the film industry can actually be a very brutal place to survive.

She said, of course, it (the film industry) is cruel, but it depends on the people. If they (people) like you then that’s all you need. You want people to like to see you.
Ileana feels that the moment an actor is not appreciated, they lose their mark.

She says, it’s basically the same for me. I would not like to see a film of an actor whom I do not like to see. The minute you are not liked, you lose your mark. The industry is brutal in a sense, but it also has many advantages.

She explains, you can’t just have all the good things, sometimes be a little deceived. I think it makes things interesting. It motivates you to work hard. It tries to make you better.
Ileana will next appear in Unfair n Lovely, a comic take on India’s obsession with fair skin. The film is based on the backdrop of Haryana and will also be accompanied by Randeep Hooda.