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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : The decision taken by the Prime Minister in the interest of the students is commendable: Yogisha Tandon

The way the education world has been affected due to the cause of COVID-19, parents, children, educational institutions have faced a lot of problems due to it. There has been confusion among parents and children all the time, but the situation clarified by Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the CBSE board examination of Intermediate has brought a lot of relief to the children and parents, and the children appeared optimistic about their future.

Yogisha Tandon, a class 12 student of Pinewood School, told that she was very confused about the board exam. The board had also made complete preparations for the examination, but due to the Corona period, there was confusion whether the examinations would be held or not. But when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Education Minister have clarified the situation by breaking this confusing link, since then her mental stress has gone away and now she will be able to prepare ahead efficiently. He told that examinations are important in the lifetime of every student, and board examinations hold their own place, but the way COVID-19 has shown its effect on the education world. Parents and children and teachers have to face a lot of problems in the affair of offline and online, due to which they cause mental problems. Schools, colleges, all educational institutions are closed due to Corona and classes are going on online, so the decision taken by the Prime Minister keeping in view the future of the children is commendable. Yogisha Tandon thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and told that his grandfather Sheetal Tandon is a famous social worker and businessman, he has also welcomed the decision of the Prime Minister.