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Jacqueline doing yoga to stay fit

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez has once again shared a video on Instagram, in which the actress is seen doing yoga. That too with his cute partner. This video of him is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. In the video, Jacqueline Fernandez can be seen doing yoga and her cat is supporting her in this. While sharing the video, Jacqueline has named it Cat Yoga.

Jacqueline’s cat is seen roaming around her. When the actress starts doing yoga, sometimes the cat keeps staring at her and sometimes stands beside her. This video of the actress is being liked a lot by her fans. Many users have praised Jacqueline while commenting. Recently, Jacqueline was in the discussion about taking care of animals. The actress has proved her love for animals many times. Now when stray animals are not getting food during the Corona period, Jacqueline is working with an organization to take care of such animals. Jacqueline had also shared many pictures on social media, in which she was seen petting dogs and cats. For this, Jacqueline has recently started YOLO Foundation. The special thing is that Jacqueline has carried all the weight of this foundation on her shoulders. The actress herself is handling the entire work of the foundation by staying on the ground.
This foundation of Jacqueline is also working with many NGOs. Jacqueline also recently visited the Feline Foundation, whose pictures she shared on social media. Let us tell you that Jacqueline Fernandez is very serious about her fitness and often a glimpse of it can be seen. Due to Corona, where gyms are closed, yoga centers are also locked, in such a situation Jacqueline is focusing on her fitness while staying at her home. Jacqueline has also shown a glimpse of it many times on social media.