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Truth and Reality

Colorful fungus is biting

We have never taken the fungus in lentils and bread and cloth-rags seriously. Now the same fungus is telling how many forms it has. Black came first. We got it, it doesn’t matter. Black goes. Then White appeared. We said, let’s go! Never mind, will bear it. In the absence of White, there will be Black. Still, it was a hit. There can be any other color other than black-white. There are seven colors in white. Since they are people of science, they used to memorize Vibgyor. When there was a state of doubt or forgetfulness, they used to form combinations of words to remember the complex explanation. That’s why you can’t find it anywhere in the dictionary. At present, many words were added to the dictionary, but Vibgyor did not find a place. Still, from the point of view of examination, there is only one formula to know the order of colors. Starting with Violet, ending with Indigo, Blue and Red.

When Black came, White came automatically in our mind. When I saw this later on the news channel, I came to know. And our suspicion turned out to be true. We pat our own back. When the news channels rang, it was understood that we were late. If he had already gone out on the street without clothes like Archimedes shouting Eureka-Eureka. ‘Without clothes’ is written thoughtfully. Because these days these things don’t matter. Whether in clothes or without clothes at Gangaghat, what does it matter? But have become meaningless. Listen if you want – the time has come very clumsy, dancing naked as a male. Somewhere oxygen worth two hundred rupees was sold for twenty thousand, so instead of water, our Lallu filled oxygen in bottles and went out on the handcart. And don’t even ask Jagadhar. Instead of the fare at the rate of ten rupees per kilometer, they were seen charging one thousand rupees per kilometer. This is all a naked game.
While the game of Vibgyor was going on, a voice came from somewhere ‘Orange fungus!’ We were scared. How can one come suddenly breaking the orange line? Violet was to come after Indigo, Blue, Yellow. How did this intrusion happen? Maybe there is Chinese influence. Now the origin of corona is there, then what is the fault of fungus? The fungus corrected itself, rectified the mistake, and lo, yellow exists. The game is going to go on for a long time.

Hemant Kumar Pareek