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Emraan Hashmi is not romantic in real life

Emraan Hashmi keeps his personal life out of limelight. Even less people know about his love life. Please tell that Imran is married to Parveen. Before marriage, both were in a relationship for many years. Not only this, both were childhood sweethearts. Before coming to the wedding, Imran was in love with Parveen. However, Imran always kept Parveen and his relation out of the public eye. But do you know that Imran, who is popular with serial kisser, is absolutely opposite in real life. He is not romantic in real life, but despite this, he has played his relationship well and he is the perfect family man.

When Imran and Parveen got married, he was struggling in Bollywood. After 10 years of dating, both of them got married in the year 2006. The special thing about their relationship is that neither Imran ever allowed his profession to come in his personal life, nor did Parveen ever put any hindrance in Imran’s professional life due to personal life. Both of them always handled their personal life well with focus on their respective careers.

Emran himself had told in an interview that he is not romantic at all. He had said, ‘I play the character of lover boy onscreen, but in real life I am not romantic at all. After marrying Parveen, I never gave her any expensive gift or took her to candle night dinner.

In 2014, in Karan Johar’s show, Emraan had told that when Parveen had seen intimate scenes of him and Mallika in the film Murder, she became very angry. Imran had said that Parveen was sitting with him in the first seat and after seeing the intimate scenes, he pricked Imran’s hands. He had said that what have you done and you did not even prepare me for this. I had 4 nail marks on my hand. I was hurt and blood was coming out.

Emran then made a deal with Parveen. The deal is that whenever Imran used to give intimate scenes in the film, he takes Parveen to shopping. She then does shopping with Imran’s card and the amount of that shopping is till the end of 7 digits or else she used to gift expensive bags to Parveen. Parveen’s almirah is full of expensive bags.

Emran had told in an interview that he tells his wife about the films, but does not give any information about the scenes. Even if I tell her about films, she doesn’t know the full details. He likes to be in his own life.
Imran and Parveen’s son was born on 3 February 2010. Both have named their son Ayan and love him very much. Everything was going well in the life of both of them that only then God took the test of this small family. When Ayan was 4 years old, he was diagnosed with cancer. Both Imran and Parveen had broken up after hearing this news, but both remained strong enough for the son. Both fully supported each other.