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It is not necessary for young children to wear masks

Union Health Ministry issued guidelines

Corona infection is decreasing slowly but the government is continuously spreading publicity to follow the rules like sanitization, wearing masks etc. But a big update has come from the Union Health Ministry regarding the mask. According to the Directorate General of Health Services, masks are not necessary for children younger than five years. The age for wearing a mask has been fixed by issuing guidelines on Thursday.

Director General of Health Services, DGHS has stated in the guidelines issued regarding masks that it is not mandatory for children below five years to wear masks. Apart from this, children of 6 to 11 years should also wear masks only under the supervision of a parent or doctor. Significantly, wearing a mask was being told from the very beginning to be a big weapon to avoid corona.

DGHS has issued this guideline for the treatment and prevention of corona infection in children and adolescents below 18 years of age. It has also been made clear that Remdesivir injection should not be used in the treatment of children. Along with this, CT scan should also be used rationally to check for infection. Steroids used in the treatment of children have also been reported to be harmful. It is important to have the right time, right quantity for its use.

The guideline states that the effectiveness of remdesivir has not been proven in the age group of 3 years to 18 years. So children should be kept away from it. The DGHS has said that even chest scan is not of much use, therefore it should be decided to conduct HRCT in Kovid-19 patients only in selected cases. It is noteworthy that the government has started preparations to save the children from the third wave. In view of this, these guidelines have been issued.