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Uttarakhand : Today the market will open again throughout the day

After a day’s closure, the markets of the entire state will open again today. You can go to the market smoothly and do shopping from eight in the morning to five in the evening. Keep in mind that the government has done this experiment by fixing three days in this week to open the UV markets. However, after the open market on June 9, the status of corona infection has not been ascertained. His trends will be known in a day or two. But in such a situation, you also have an obligation to be careful while going shopping in the market, such as wear a mask and follow social distancing. Markets will open again on 14th June and after that if everything is fine then the government can open the markets from 15th June as before, but it is all up to you how you behave in these experiment days. Malls will not open even today. However, only eight to five liquor contracts will open. Schools, coaching centers and other training institutes will not open. Government offices are already opening.