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Uttar Pradesh / Amethi : Rape complaint to MP Smriti Irani in Amethi

When the victim’s sister reached in front of the minister, she started crying.

Bid- Sister did dirty work in Lucknow’s Lohia Hospital, also fired with cigarette

Amethi MP and Union Minister Smriti Irani has reached Amethi on Saturday on a day trip. Here, a girl has complained to him that her ailing sister was raped in Lucknow’s Lohia Hospital, when she protested, she was fired with a cigarette. And then his jewelry was also taken away. Smriti Irani has ordered Amethi DM and SP present on the spot to investigate the matter.

Smriti said – the victim will have medical

The victim’s sister told that Smriti Irani has told her that she will get my ailing sister medical. Whenever she is regaining consciousness after the incident, she herself tells that she has been raped. Not only this, he has been beaten so badly that his eyes are still swollen. In the hospital, a nurse and a man misbehaved with the sister. The nurse used to beat and the man used to do dirty work.

Was told in the hospital – take it soon or else you will not survive

The victim is a resident of a village in Gauriganj Kotwali area. The victim told that the sister was admitted to the Joint District Hospital Gauriganj on June 6 after her health deteriorated. On being serious, the doctors referred him to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute. On June 7, his sister was first admitted to the emergency and later to the fourth floor. After this the family members were sent out. No one was allowed to meet. When she met her sister after two days after many requests, her condition was critical. On meeting, he said that he had done something wrong with beating. After this, after being discharged from there on Friday night in a state of unconsciousness, he was again admitted to the district hospital Gauriganj. It is alleged that his sister stayed in the hospital for three-four days. From inside the sister used to talk on the phone only. During this, one day a call came from the hospital to take your patient. His health is deteriorating. After this we brought the patient by private ambulance. On the way, the sister told that we were tortured a lot. He was lit with a cigarette and all the jewelery he was wearing has been snatched away. The inquiry committee constituted DM Arun Kumar told that the allegations of the girl are very serious. An inquiry committee of Gauriganj Sub-Divisional Magistrate and Circle Officer Gauriganj and ACMO has been constituted to investigate the entire matter. Symptoms of black fungus are being reported in women. Its treatment is available only in the medical college. Action will be taken after the report of the inquiry committee.

Smriti reached Amethi for the third time in a month

Smriti reached Amethi on Saturday for the third time within a month. Here he paid tribute to the BJP workers who lost their lives in Corona. Also inaugurated the Oxygen Plant at Gauriganj District Hospital. Smriti came out as soon as she inaugurated it. The victim’s sister made her complaint to him.