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Boycott of Kareena Kapoor Khan raised demand

People are angry about Kareena Kapoor Khan. There has been a demand to boycott Kareena Kapoor Khan on Twitter. Now the reason why Kareena is demanding boycott is because of a news related to her recently. Actually, a few days ago news came that Kareena Kapoor has demanded Rs 12 crore to play the role of Sita.

Now after reading this news, users are very angry and they are demanding boycott to Kareena by sharing the screenshots of this news. Users are commenting that Kareena should no longer play the role of Sita. The hashtag Boycott Kareena Kapoor Khan is trending on Twitter.

According to the report, the writer of the film KV Vijendra Prasad had given his reaction on these reports. He had told this news wrong. He had said that Kareena has not been offered the film. At the same time, there was also news that Kareena is not perfect for this film, so this news is false.

Now the writer of the film had told this news wrong, but the users are very angry after hearing this and are raging on Kareena.

Well the news is that Ranveer Singh has been offered the role of Ravana in this film. Although no official comment has been made about this.
Talking about Kareena’s upcoming project, she will soon be seen in the film Lal Singh Chaddha in which Aamir Khan is in the lead role with her. Kareena shot this film during the lockdown last year when she was also pregnant. However, there was news that Kareena’s baby bump would be hidden in the film through editing.