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This is how Priyamani got work in the web series The Family Man

Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee’s web series The Family Man Season 2 has been released. This web series is streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Apart from Manoj Bajpayee, Samantha Akkineni and Priyamani are also seen in the lead roles. For your information, let us tell you that Priyamani is the cousin sister of Bollywood’s famous actress Vidya Balan. Priyamani has also previously appeared in the first season of The Family Man 2. Actress Priyamani has talked about her web series and her casting in an exclusive interview. In which he told how he got work in this series.

Actress Priyamani had told that, when I met Rajya sir and DK sir in the office, they gave me an explanation about my character, at that time I went wearing a salwar kameez. Regarding the whole sentence, Priyamani told that, he told her that Suchitra’s character is that of wife and mother. So Priyamani thought that she would wear salwar kameez. Jeans etc. will look a bit strange.

When she was going to meet for the first time, many kinds of questions were growing in her mind. Priyamani said that she was going to meet Raj and DK for the first time. The actress told that she has also had bad experiences in the South many times. In such a situation, she was scared about her experience in Mumbai.
In such a situation, the actress went to meet Raj and DK with her husband. Earlier Priyamani used to take her mother with her. She reached the office and met Raja Raj and DK. Priyamani said that, he explained the character of Suchitra to me. Then after I went home, I asked my husband if I was doing this series. So he said that he has explained to you the character of Suchitra by taking so much time. So that means you are doing it.