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We want to grow and improve and Justin Langer is a part of that : Paine

Australia’s Test cricket team captain Tim Paine has backed Australian men’s head coach Justin Langer in all formats. He has said that professional coaching is a very difficult job. Whether it is the AFL (Australian Football League), the NRL (National Rugby League) or the Australian cricket team. Langer has done a really good job in tough times.

“We all now feel as a team that we want to grow and improve and Langer is a part of that,” Paine said in Brisbane. Here it is not about them doing their work and us doing their work. We are 100% with Langer for what he is doing. At the end of the series against India at the beginning of the year, we had a team review which is a very common thing in professional sports. Everyone from Langer to our last player will get feedback on which they can improve.
It is noteworthy that the Australian cricket team is focusing on its preparations after a break. For now, the first important step for the players will be to settle their differences with the team’s head coach Justin Langer. Langer took a tough stand on ball tampering by Australian players, leaving many players disappointed with his style.

Langer, on the other hand, admitted that there was concern among the players about his stoic approach and it was a cautionary tale that he cannot ignore, although things are now moving in a more positive direction. After Cricket Australia, now Australia’s Test team captain Tim Paine has given his support to Langer.